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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  September 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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a bit of an onshore flow kept us cloudy. the temperatures range from 73 in monticello to 84 in morristown and bridgewater. it is warm over the inland areas. notice to the north, very delightful weather, especially over northern new england in the 70s and even 60s in portland and boston. 84 in buffalo. only a couple 90s on the map, far west of our area. we have seen some showers, a couple isolated thunderstorms today. but they have been mainly across pennsylvania. we have been stuck in the clouds, but those clouds are going to clear. and look at this fantastic forecast coming up for this labor day weekend. it does warm up each day, and by monday, we're back up to near 90. but at least it's nice outdoor weather for your outdoor plans. i'll break it down region by region coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> a big thanks to you. thanks, janice. get this. gas prices this labor day weekend are the lowest we have seen in over a decade. the national average is $2.51 a gallon. in new jersey, the average is $2.16. and you can fill up for even
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cheaper than that, depending on where you go. news 4's michael george is in ft. lee with the story. michael, a good one for a change. >> reporter: yes, sibilia. if you look at the prices here in new jersey, you might think it's 2004 all over again. regular gas, $2.17 a gallon here. even the premiums under $3. that's good news for consumers as we head into one of the busiest driving weekends of the year. already, a lot of people are filling up before they head out for the long weekend. gas buddy predicts the lower prices will save americans $1.4 billion over the three-day weekend. that's because more than 35 million are planning to travel this weekend. aaa predicting record travel. when the prices are low, that encourages more people to get out on the roads. drivers filling up here say these prices could save them 80 to $100 just this weekend alone. but even more in the long run. >> i commute from new city to long island city. so it's 80 miles back and forth. and i would say it saves about 40 to $50 a week.
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so that's terrific. >> reporter: and by the way, these gas prices affect more than just cars. airfare is also down. more people expected to take planes this weekend, as well. live in ft. lee, michael george, news 4 new york. >> thank you. and track the weather and any other alerts you need throughout the holiday weekend with our news 4 new york app. you'll find the latest forecasts, interactive radar, traffic updates and a whole lot more. nothing close to child's play. two daycare workers faced a judge today, accused of instigating a so-called kiddy fight club in new jersey. prosecutors say the women egged the children on, recorded video and posted it on social media. news 4's brian thompson spoke exclusively with a mother whose child attends that very center. >> reporter: 28-year-old shanice white came to the union county courthouse complex with support but no attorney. inside, it was the same for 22-year-old co teacher erica kenny, as she approached the perch for her first appearance. moments later, we heard the same from white.
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>> not guilty. >> reporter: the two are charged with cruelty and neglect at the light bridge academy. prosecutors say they were inspired by the book "fight club." the pair video recording 4 through 6-year-olds, encouraging them to fight and posting to social media. >> it's shocking and disappointing. >> reporter: chris, the mother of a 4-year-old at the school, knows both teachers, and in this exclusive interview, described a community trying to overcome the shock. >> we are all upset, but together, you know, we're dealing with it together as a strong school community. parents, moms, dads, teachers, home office. we hold meetings, support groups. >> reporter: doug mcgowan says his wife used to work there, calling the charges totally out of character. >> absolutely, for that type of atmosphere, because it's a very good place. they take good care of the children over there. >> reporter: both teachers have been fired from their jobs. the company saying it is cooperating with the prosecutor, while maintaining a rigorous background check system. and some parents are standing by the school. chris says of her daughter --
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>> i've seen her development from the first year until now, and it's just quality daycare. >> reporter: both women were released on their own recognizance and both declined to say anything after their court appearance. in elizabeth, brian thompson, news 4 new york. fire officials believe that paint fumes are to blame for a strong owed or that forced the evacuation of another daycare center today, this one on staten island. video shows the response outside the ivy league early learning academy in bullhead. we're told some of the adults in the building reported feelng us us. 65 kids and 5 adults were sent to a church across the street, just as a precaution. everyone checked out okay. and police are hoping this surveillance picture will help them break the case of a possible chemical attack in queens. this happened just over two weeks ago in long island city. the suspect is seen h e from behind wearing a white tank and black shorts. investigators say he threw some sort of liquid in a woman's face, causing serious burns. a sketch of the suspect has also been released. tonight new information in
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the killing of an illinois police officer. investigators say they are getting more surveillance video as they look for the suspects who shot fox lake police lieutenant charles glen owe wits tuesday. the men are still on the run and all police have said publicly is they're looking for two white men and one black man. >> what i'll tell you is that i believe the subjects are dangerous and i'll reiterate this, they murdered a police officer so they're capable of doing anything. >> also today, a telecommunications company said it's offering a $50,000 reward in the case. just days after the start of the season, the giants made some final roster moves, and one is getting a lot of attention. the teen cut ties with popular fan favorite steve weatherford. news 4's john chandler is here with details. i didn't see this one coming john. >> it is rare in the nfl cutting a punter creates a stir. that speaks to how tied into the community steve weatherford is. tom coughlin hit it earlier this week his job wasn't safe, and
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now he's a former new york giann' ten-year vet became a voice in the giants' locker room and regular on airwaves hodere in new york, respected for his work ethic, renown for being in better shape than many position players. he was a weight room addict and integral part of the giants' postseason success, especially that 2011 championship team. he was also a major player in the community, and any charity he could make time forgot his attention. no really wasn't a part of steve weatherford's vocabulary. but at 32 with a bothersome back, a difficult decision t make. weatherford was due to make over $2 million this season. tom coughlin told reporters weatherford is an exceptional human being and you get no argument here. who replaces him now. the giants traded for brad wane from the steelers. david, sibilia? >> we're going to wait for the reaction on that. in the days coming. still ahead, they're getting their licenses with the clerk behind bars.
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same-sex couples in a kentucky county now getting the documents they need to get married. however, there could be a big catch. and drive a nissan? you need to see this. the problem that could prevent thyou from braking properly. smile. >>. how one neighborhood is shaming drivers into slo ng down and what our news 4 crew witnessed in span of just ten minutes. that story at 5:30.
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an update tonight on a story that's really been touching a nerve around the country. a kentucky county clerk has been jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. >> for the first time, couples are getting the document they need to say "i do" but an attorney for the clerk says they're void. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: a couple and community celebrate this morning outside a county courthouse in kentucky. >> i feel like we're accepted, part of everyone else. >> reporter: the supreme court legalized same-sex marriages in june, but today was the first time gay and lesbian couples were issued a license in round county. >> congratulations. >> yeah. now we can breathe. a little relief.
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>> i'm still ecstatic and tappy, anird i just c 't wait. to get married now. >> reporter: while county clerk kim davis waits in jail. held on a contempt of court charge after refusing to sssue the licenses for months, because she says, it conflicts with her apostolic christian faith. >> she will nev t violate her conscience and never betray her god. she is prepared for the consequences. >> reporter: the controversy has become a flashpoint for the national debate over same-sex marriage and religious freedom. >> we might as well be in russia. we might as well be over in iran ores something, because we have no religious freedom anymore. and if we the people don't take it back, we're in trouble. >> reporter: while those on the other side argue, it's not about ej ice, but progress. >> this is our civil right. this right here. she has the right, according to the constitution, the first amendment, to embrace any religion she wishes.
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but as a government entity, as a clk, the law has to com.e first. >> reporter: and until she ides by that law, federal judge says, davis will remain behind bars. jay gray, news 4, new york. >> in sacramento, police still looking for the gunman who shot three people in a parking lot at college th ie. the shootings were not random. all three victims were students at sacramento city college. one of them died, two others are recovering. the man who died has been identified as 25-year-old roman gonzalez. one ofhe survivors has been arrested for his role in the fight that led up to the shootings. in connecticut tonight, health officials say there are now 19 communities where mosquitoes have tested positive for the west nile virus, including seven in fairfield county. those communities are bridgeport, darien, greenwich, nor walk,>stanford, stratford and west port. the good news, there are no reports of human west nile cases in connecticut this year.
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one year ago today, comedienne joan rivers died during a routine procedure on her vocal cords. her daughter released a touching tweet. while it's been a difficult year, she is amazed by the outpouring of love and support. this year she filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against yorkville endoscopy clinic. rivers' career spanned five cades. the department of motor vehicles says they're making progress on tackling slow downs and backlogs caused by last month's week-long shutdown. the closure was prompted by the implementation of a new computer system. some locations experienced wait tir mes of up to seven hours. the commissioner warns drivers will likely see long waits again on tuesday since the offices are closed for labor day. we have a consumer alert tonight. nissan is recalling 300,000 vehicles to adjust a console panel. the automaker says in rare cases the right edge of a driver's shoe might catch on the lower trim panel, slowing braking efforts. the recall affects four-door
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versa sedans from 2012 to 2015 d 2014 and '15 hatchbacks. owners affected have been notified. kraft-heinz is expanding its singles products. a thin strip of packaging may stouick to the slice, creating a hazard. kraft is recalling 335,000 cases in addition to the 36,000 recalled in late july. the recall covers 1, 3 and 4-pound packages of ameriian cheese product with best used dates ranging from december 12 to march 2. this just in. we have learned that starbucks coffee houses are getting some of their bagels back on the shelves in new york city. earlier this week, the coffee chain pulled their plain multigrain, everything and blueberry bagels off the shelves. the bagels didn't meet their quality standards. in new york, plain bagels are being sold again and we reached out to the company. they weren't specific about what the issues were. but say that all of their food
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is safe. it caused down right chaos for many. you know how they are, routine. >> bagels, i'm not sure. but coffee -- i could go crazy with that. >> hi. >> hello! >> well, we all got the purple, black and white memo today. >> saw it this morning and thought, got to do it. >> a way to kick off a weather weekend. >> i hate to say -- this is the big -- last big summer weekend. hate to see it end with weather like this. of course, we still need the rain. we're in a deficit with that. if you've got outdoor plans this weekend, couldn't ask for better weather. we'll get to that in a second. and let's see what it's like outside right now. our view from the top of the ro camera, hazy and cloudy. but the sun peeking out now. the clouds are breaking up, moving away from the city. it helped to keep the temperatures at a comfortable level. and it's still like that out there right now. 83 degrees. yesterday it was 93 for the high temperature. but we didn't make the 90s. of course, the heatwave is broken.
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temperature of 85 degrees in central park. newark at 84. bridge port at 81. 85 at laguardia and 83 in islip. fantastic weather across the area. lower humidity keeps falling. lower temperatures tonight, 50's and 60s and a beautiful sunny holiday weekend. right now, 80 in melville. long island, mid 70s to around 80. also near 80 in danbury, white plains. 84 g in morristown. very nice conditio . thanks to this onshore breeze. coming in right off the atlantic, all the way into the inland spots, keeping the temperatures much cooler today. also kept clouds in most of the time, but now we're starting to see those push back off to the west. there are some showers and storms, but they're mostly in pennsylvania, and it looks like that's where they will stay. moving westward. and we will continue to clear out across the area for the rest of this holiday weekend, it looks fantastic for us. let's look at the get-away forecast. jersey shore, great. beaches, everything. 70s to near 80.
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warm up by monday. don't leave in a hurry. make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and watch out for rip currents. for long island, hamptons, sam thinn for you. mid 70 saturday, near 80 on sunday. low 80s on monday. so fantastic for the shore, all the way t ire island. north and west, you'll start to get hot by monday. same in the city, up around 90. but in the meantime, it's in the 80s. and at night, you're in the 50s and 60s. great weather at the ballpark tonight. rays in town against the yankees and temperatures in the mid 70s. we expect fantastic conditions north and west tonight in the 50s and 60s, right around 80 for the high tomorrow. 86 on sunday. the heat is building again monday, back up to 90 labor day, tuesday into wednesday. and we're hoping we get much-needed rain next week. in the meantime, enjoy your weekend. back to you. >> thank you. still much more ahead on news 4 at 5:00. >> pope francis makes many feel they want to know him personally. tonight we meet a new york city priest who does. so well, in fact, he calls him
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rge. and that's how the pope wants it. and coming up at 6:00, drought hitting the garden state. >> of too much. starts getting dry. >> reporter: how new ersey rmers are dealin with the shortage and if restrictions could become mandatory. next at 6:00.
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the countdown has begun. three weeks from tonight, pope francis will be here in our city. >> there are very few people in new york who can call the pope jorge when they see him. i'm thinking not even cardinal dolan does. it's not disrespect, it's a sign of the bond he has built with francis over three decades. >> reporter: the father walks softly but carries a big friendship. he has known pope francis for more than 30 years. >> the way they see him, he has been all these years. >> reporter: we visited the father in the chapel of the loyola school where he teaches high school students.
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in the early 1980s, he was a sem semnarian run by the pope. his own approach was heavily shaped by the man who would be pope. >> he's a truly humble man. he has always been that way. >> reporter: on his smartphone, the father still has the e-mail papa francisco deck indicated to an aide and had sent to him. the pope doesn't really use computers or smartphones. the father saw the pope twice this summer in rome and in ecuador during his apostolic visit. >> i said all the people love him. and he was pleased with that. but he's a man, a humble man, who just wants to do the will of god. >> reporter: the father likes to show this picture taken a few months before april 2013. the cardinal did not like taking pictures, didn't smile much and had submitted his retirement papers to pope benedict.
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what a difference a conclave makes. the irony is that the father isn't sure he'll speak with the pope while he's in new york city, given the schedule is so tight. but he expects to take some of his students to central park with a big sign, which could easily say "hello old friend." very gentle guy. >> love that story. we set up a special section on our website. and with everything you need to know about the pope's visit, go to to check it out. gus is here now with a look at what's new at 5:30. >> we have an msnbc exclusive. presidential hopeful hillary clinton is apologizing for her e-mail scandal. sort. we'll have what she is saying about it now, plus this. a gun fight on the streets of brooklyn. what set off the shootout with police. and it wasn't a lost kitten found wandering the streets of one neighborhood. where this tiger cub may have come from.
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introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. right now on news 4 new york, shootout in the street. a suspect involved in a gun fight with police turning a brooklyn neighborhood into a battlefield. >> it unfolded early this morning in bush wick. as kathryn creag explains, it ended with one person shot. the suspect. >> reporter: over and over again, gunfire rang out in this bush wick brooklyn neighborhood. the sound captured on a security camera, which belongs to lauren culk. >> this was 45, at least.
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>> i heard maybe 30, 40 shots. >> reporter: a shootout between two members of the nypd, a sergeant and an officer, and a suspect from a previous shooting took place on bush wish avenue near jefferson avenue. this all began a few blocks away on madison street near knicker bocker avenue shortly after 1:00 this morning. police say a man shot another man in the arm. the 27-year-old gunman took off running. the sergeant and officer tracked him down, went after him and cornered him on bushwick after. venue. the nypd says he fired at them with this weapon. the sergeant and officer fired back. suspect shot once in the leg. >> scary. because all i kept hearing was bang, bang, bang, bang! i was like maybe three or four people from both sides of the area. >> i heard the cop saying, he ran down the block and da, da, da! and that's all i heard. >> reporter: isaac works production on crime shows like "law and order." this morning, a real-life
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shootout happened outside his window. >> i would never think this would hit home. but this is new york. anything is liable. >> reporter: the suspect remains hospitalized and is in police custody. that sergeant and other officers involved in the shooting also taken to the hospital, just as a precaution. we are told they were not hurt. in bushwick brooklyn, kathryn creag, news 4 new york. we want to go back to breaking news we have been covering in manhattan where five people were injured when part of a tree came crashing down on to a packed bryant park. pictures show the injured lying on the ground. cameras were there as paramedics wheeled them away on stretchers. it's not clear what caused the branch to come down. we'll keep you updated on this breaking situation. checkey beckford is at the scene, talking with witnesses and she'll have another live report for all of you tonight at 6:00. new at 5:30, a fire forced
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dozens to evacuate in bergen county along broadway and fair lawn. officials say the flames broke out in a spa attached to a medical center and the fire went to four alarms. thankfully, only one minor injury, and a firefighter was treated for high blood pressure. the deaths of four family members in long branch have been ruled a murder-suicide. vettors say 35-year-old lyndon va harry killed his wife and two sons before killing himself. firefighters found all four in the bedroom late tuesday night. the husband and wife had an argument earlier the evening. the labor day weekend starts with a win for workers on long island. a federal judge struck down a law on oyster bay. the judge said the law violated the first amendment. oyster bay never actually enforced the ordinance, but town officials say they aren't considering an appeal. decision 2016 now. presidential hopeful hillary clinton is talking about her e-mail scandal.


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